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trusted by these impact-driven schools

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

The entrepreneurship program at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy has become the defining model of how this innovative approach to education can transform an entire school--a model that program director Stephen Carter is now implementing in schools around the nation.
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First Baptist Academy

Stephen Carter began working with First Baptist Academy in the spring of 2023 after head of school, Teresa Chambers, attended the Entrepreneurship Symposium at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy. Teresa reached out to see if the entrepreneurship program could work in her school which ends at 8th grade. The answer was a resounding YES.
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Grand Rapids Christian Schools

This project followed the Seed Tree Group method by starting in the fall with a semester-long deep dive into the four attributes of the entrepreneurial mindset including growth mindset, grit, redefining failure, and opportunity seeking.
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Greenbrier Christian Academy

Stephen Carter began working with Greenbrier Christian Academy in the fall of 2023 and worked closely with program lead Gary Wilson to implement the foundations of entrepreneurship curriculum with a group of twelve middle school students.
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