The Process

From start to finish - here’s what you can expect!

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Step 0

First Things First - What is the Program and the Entrepreneurial Mindset all about?

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Events - We host an annual Entrepreneurship Symposium at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy that offers a deep dive and behind-the-scenes tour of the nationally recognized entrepreneurship and sustainability program at the school that just celebrated its ten year anniversary (a journey Stephen details in his book) - link to school site:

Step 1

Schedule a 30 min discovery call with Stephen Carter

Learn the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of impactful entrepreneurship programming for K-12 private schools.

Understand what is meant by teaching the entrepreneurial mindset.

Step 2

Proposal & Contract

After we meet, you’ll receive a proposal to review. If accepted, you’ll then receive a contract agreement.

Step 3

Prep Work

Schedule your intensive to review timeline and address key success statements.

Identify 1-3 key individual impact players or linchpins who are going to run the program.

(Head of school/administrator is done at this point)

Step 4

Onboarding - 1 month

Begin Onboarding of impact player(s) begins, hopefully by April or May.

Step 5

Training Intensive - 2 months

Begin Training Intensive for start of program and implementation - two months, can be adjusted, includes one-on-one coaching, reading, online courses, and deep dive into resources

Step 6

Launch - Class Teaching

Start of school year, kick off with semester long class teaching the core attributes of the entrepreneurial mindset (curriculum provided).

Ongoing one-on-one coaching throughout school year to ensure successful implementation of program.

Ongoing monthly workshops with educators from around the nation on key topics related to entrepreneurial education.

Step 7

Launch - Student-Run Business

Student-run business will launch in December/January, overseen by core group of students (6-12 students).

Impact Player(s)/Program managers shift from classroom teacher to business mentor (additional and on-going development/training provided).

Step 8

Preparing for the following year

Students/business mentor work to operationalize business for healthy growth in order to pass the business off to a new group the following year.

Students sign up for courses for following year, option to expand program for additional offerings.

Step 9

End of Year 1

Review success statements, plan for growth of program, evaluate strategic priorities.

Step 10

Start Year 2

Begin planning/implementation of year 2.

Ongoing support in program growth.

Licensing of all curriculum and online classes.

Monthly workshops with educators from around the nation on key topics related to entrepreneurial education.

Step 11

End of Year 2

Review success statements, plan for continued of program, re-evaluate strategic priorities.

Step 12

Year 3 & Beyond

Begin planning/implementation of year 3 and beyond using successful model and licensing of content/curriculum with optional ongoing support.

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