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We have two primary ways we help private schools, our entrepreneurship program, and our professional development intensives.

Stephen holding training to faculty and staff

The Entrepreneurship Program

Private schools that are wanting to start a high-impact entrepreneurship program in their school.


Want to start a meaningful entrepreneurship program that creates dramatic student engagement but don't want to start from scratch? Let us help.

We come alongside private K-12 schools and help them create entrepreneurship programs that grow from genuine student interest, energize donor support, and drive overall enrollment.

We offer a full year package that includes a comprehensive training plan for the program teacher, ongoing one-on-one coaching, implementation and program launch support, full curriculum, monthly workshops, and a direct line for support in addressing key issues. And we take the burden off your shoulders.

What to Expect

In the first year, you will

  • start a program with a core class that teaches the four attributes of the entrepreneurial mindset
  • launch a student-run business on your campus
  • operationalize and grow the business for next year's students
  • grow the program based on student interest

The benefit of working with Seed Tree Group is the benefit of experience--our founder, Stephen Carter, has ten years of experience in launching entrepreneurship programs at private K-12 schools and the flagship model he started at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy has received national attention. Our program is now running in schools around the country with immense success--and your school can be next.

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Professional Development Intensive

Private schools that are wanting to invest in their teachers and staff and provide high-impact training.


Ready to make meaningful impact on your entire school culture? Tired of professional development and teacher in-service that doesn't move the needle? It's time for your school to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset.

Imagine the impact of your teachers thinking and acting with a mindset rooted in growth mindset, grit, redefining failure, and opportunity seeking. Imagine that mindset transferring to the students as they innovate and create while problem solving and collaborating.

What to Expect

We offer one or two-day immersive professional development on-site that will energize your teachers and staff while providing clear and practical techniques to engage students in the entrepreneurial mindset. Whether early elementary or high school, this powerful workshop series will have positive ripple effects throughout your entire organization.

Our founder, Stephen Carter, has worked with numerous schools on supercharging their approach to innovative education in order to reach today's learners--and his approach is anything but boring.

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Launch a high-impact entrepreneurship program at your private school

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