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We help private schools launch an impactful & effective entrepreneurship program.

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There’s a lot of options when it comes to choosing a school for your children to attend. Parents are looking for school options that not only are academically proficient, but also are looking for schools that will prepare their child for life outside of the classroom.

But, creating, launching, and implementing a successful entrepreneurship program is no small feat. And many private schools feel the weight of inadequacy or lack of resources to move forward with such a task.

That’s why we created our Entrepreneurship program for private schools.

We help private schools plan, launch, and implement an entrepreneurship program from start through success.

Not only that, but we’ve now seen the fruit from schools across the USA implementing our Entrepreneurship program.

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Stephen Carter

Meet Stephen Carter, Founder, Educator, & Entrepreneur

In the spring of  2015, the brand new coffee-cart program at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA) was in need of a leader, and despite all of my other commitments (I was currently a high school English teacher at the school), this caught my eye and I saw the potential impact that it could make on the students.

So I dove in, learning everything I could about teaching students to think like entrepreneurs. The real learning, however, came from the students and their hands-on experience.

Within a few years, the coffee cart had become a permanent coffee bar and we had added a thriving greenhouse business along with the start of an engaging curriculum.

New student-run businesses began to take root and we launched a teaching kitchen: the program was now running at full steam with 6 full time faculty members, 14 elective courses, and a certificate track.

In 2022, I started implementing the same entrepreneurship program that I created at CHCA in other private schools - and it worked! That proved that this was replicable.

In 2023, I published my second book, Teaching the Entrepreneurial Mindset, which details the ten-year journey of creating a meaningful entrepreneurship program at a K-12 school.
I truly believe in the impact that this program can produce. I’ve seen it firsthand, and I want to help your school realize the same impact. Let’s do this!

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Our Mission

We exist to develop the entrepreneurial mindset in all learners so they are radically transformed to impact their lives.


Our Vision

We are empowering students across the United States to fill their lives with purpose and fulfillment by engaging them through innovative entrepreneurship education.

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Our Values

We value living in alignment with the entrepreneurial mindset.
This means:

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Having a Growth Mindset
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Developing Grit
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Redefining Failure
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Seeking Opportunity

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