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Want an unforgettable value-add for your teachers? With unparalleled engagement, Stephen Carter brings insights on how to think like an "intrapreneur" in the classroom in order to maximize student engagement.



Ready to start a new entrepreneurship program or infuse an existing one with growth? Stephen Carter brings over ten years of experience in growing and building a nationally-recognized entrepreneurship program.



Don't re-invent the wheel. From "Foundations of Entrepreneurship" to fully-developed self-paced programs alongside student-run business models, Seed Tree Group offers everything you need to bring entrepreneurship to your school.

Professional Development

With the intrapreneurial mindset, your teachers will add exponential growth to your school

INNOVATION starts in the classroom

We offer an intensely engaging experience tailored to your in-service needs and designed to powerfully impact teachers with the intrapreneurial mindset. One and two-day options available along with resources and curriculum.

Teachers as "Intrapreneurs"





True innovation exists in an environment where there is ample freedom, resources, and autonomy--an environment led by "intrapreneurially-minded" teachers who inspire students to explore, ideate, and discover on a daily basis. Invest in your teachers to help them maximize their impact on your students.

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Consulting Services

Get Entrepreneurship Started at your School

Entrepreneurship Brings...

Student Engagement

Ready for an infusion of excitement and growth at your school? Want to start an entrepreneurship program but are unsure of the steps? Stephen Carter has over ten years of experience in building and growing entrepreneurship programming and he will bring his expertise and insights to create stellar programming at your school.

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Don't Re-invent the Wheel
Customizable entrepreneurship curriculum for your school

Curriculum Offerings


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