What does Goat Yoga and Entrepreneurship Have in Common?

What does Goat Yoga and Entrepreneurship Have in Common?

Stephen Carter
August 27, 2023
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Goat Yoga and Entrepreneurship

It is exactly as it sounds—baby goats standing on the backs of students during a yoga session.

The real question is what this has to do with entrepreneurship. The answer? Everything. When we look at entrepreneurship education from the perspective of sustainability, we consider not just financial sustainability and environmental sustainability, but sustainability of the whole person. We consider how to help our students achieve balance in a life that encourages hustle and non-stop activity.

We see the entrepreneurial mindset as the embracing of growth mindset, grit, redefining failure, and opportunity seeking while living a life of health and wellness. That’s why this year, as part of our entrepreneurship programming, we’ve launched a brand-new class designed to revolutionize the high school health experience. Imagine having a class that rotates between a teaching kitchen, a 4,000 sq. ft. greenhouse, and various locations outside as health is looked at from what we eat to how we grow it to how we move.

This is about lifestyle change—and along the way, it means we try new things to further engage our students. Let’s just say, the bar has now been raised (or is it “grazed”?).


Your Entrepreneurship Director Should be an “Intrapreneur”

The terms “entrepreneur” and “intrapreneur” share many things in common but one primary distinction comes down to the WHY. Entrepreneurs build concepts around a why while intrapreneurs advance the why of their institution, using creative problem solving and other key entrepreneurship attributes.

This is why, when seeking a director of entrepreneurship, it is essential to find an “intrapreneur”—someone who will take the mission and values of your school and help drive the vision forward. In doing this, this individual will become a linchpin, or impact player, who will inspire others to apply intrapreneurial mindset thinking to every aspect of the school, from the classroom to the assessments to the general culture.

Think you’ve found the right “intrapreneur”? Reach out to inquire about our online training program designed to develop the intrapreneurial mindset necessary to take your school to the next level.


Goat Yoga in our new Elevated Wellness Class


Imagine your culture infused with growth mindset, grit, redefining failure, and opportunity seeking. Imagine your team acting and thinking like entrepreneurs.

Stephen Carter

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