How To Start a Student-Run Venture

How To Start a Student-Run Venture

Stephen Carter
September 11, 2023
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Starting your Student-Run Venture

The learnings that stem from a group of students launching a brand-new venture at your school are too many to count—from leadership and collaboration development to communication and networking skills, this opportunity will advance your students’ success in every area of their lives.

But how to get started…this is perhaps the biggest hurdle. And rather than start from scratch, why not follow existing models built from best practices over the last ten years? Here at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, we have built over 9 student-run businesses and have 6 in current operation. The students who launch a new venture get start-up experience and the students who take over an existing venture get franchise experience—both are incredibly valuable.

We have created a four-stage approach that begins with IDEATION (collecting problems, generating ideas, crafting solutions), continues with CREATION (determining the ideal customer, creating a marketing plan, and fine-tuning the MVV—mission, vision, values) before moving to LAUNCH (starting the business, releasing the minimum viable product, understanding the UVP—unique value proposition) and finally to GROWTH (charting profit, creating healthy growth, narrowing down KPIs—key performance indicators).

This approach is designed in tandem with the four parts of a school year and ensures that throughout the year, students will receive fundamental training in the entrepreneurial mindset along with ideation in quarter one, preparing the creation of the business in quarter two, launching the business in quarter three, and growing the business in quarter four.

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This week’s episode deals with how to teach your students to become grittier—while using goal setting in the classroom.

The future of education is bright indeed!


Four Stages to Launching a Student-Run Venture


Imagine your culture infused with growth mindset, grit, redefining failure, and opportunity seeking. Imagine your team acting and thinking like entrepreneurs.

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