Entrepreneurship Means Engagement

Entrepreneurship Means Engagement

Stephen Carter
July 26, 2023
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This School Year, Get Serious About Failure

Failure's the last thing we want to be thinking about as we get ready to kick off the 23-24 school year, but it is essential if we want true innovation and engagement. It is, in short, central to the entrepreneurial mindset. If we are willing to change the definition of failure, we will propel our school toward untold success. Read my latest article on how to clearly and effectively redefine failure.


Ready for a Student-Run Business? Consider the Pizza Oven

Building off the success of the six student-run business models currently in operation at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, we have created a replicable version of the popular wood-fired pizza oven concept which can be implemented at your school as early as this year. The concept includes a full equipment list, a year's worth of curriculum, and a startup training course.

Inquire today to get started and let your student entrepreneurs truly embrace the growth mindset.



Imagine your culture infused with growth mindset, grit, redefining failure, and opportunity seeking. Imagine your team acting and thinking like entrepreneurs.

Stephen Carter

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