Don’t Reinvent the Curriculum Wheel
Stephen Carter
July 1, 2024
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Don’t Reinvent the Curriculum Wheel

The heaviest lift in starting a meaningful entrepreneurship program at your school is finding the right person—I’ve written extensively on this topic and encourage school leaders to seek out not an MBA grad or corporate executive but rather an engaging teacher or coach. We have the training and resources to take any teacher in any subject from 0 to 100 in entrepreneurship education knowledge and skills, but in the end, they must be able to engage the students.

The second difficult lift is the curriculum. There are many options out there but finding the right one for your students is tricky—there are a lot of variables and considerations at play. This is why we believe in eliminating as many of these variables as possible by creating not just a one-and-done curriculum but a flow of learning that will prepare students for success in every walk of life.

Here's how it works:

Stage one: Embracing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

-Students receive a foundation in what it means to think like an entrepreneur

-Students work to develop a growth mindset, to increase their grittiness, to redefine failure, and to learn to seek opportunity

-Students understand the importance of having a personal mission, vision, and values to use as filters for decision-making (and later to have these for the business)

-Students collaborate around key ideas and take these ideas into creation and launch for an actual business or a pitch competition

Stage two: Empathy for Others

-Students oversee the growth and development of a business on the campus (or an off-campus internship)

-Students understand the role of customers with regard to the business and develop a customer avatar

-Students develop effective communication skills through speaking with customers and team members

-Students develop a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and pair it with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

-Students continue to explore and develop an entrepreneurial mindset through ongoing reflection and evaluated experience

Stage three: Developing Key Leadership Skills

-Students take the lead in the management and oversight of a business on the campus (or an off-campus internship)

-Students learn the keys to creating and maintaining a healthy team and business culture

-Students develop accountability systems with role clarity

-Students explore the competition and reflect on business structures and models

-Students continue to explore and develop an entrepreneurial mindset through ongoing reflection and evaluated experience

Stage four: Revenue and Sales Fundamentals

-Students focus on scaling and growing a business on the campus (or an off-campus internship)

-Students understand and gain hands-on experience in gross margin, operating margin, revenue, and profitability

-Students learn key aspects of marking and branding and directly apply these skills in real time

-Students explore various funding models for new business ventures

-Students understand the vital role of mentors and advisors in business and personal growth

-Students develop a personal growth plan for continuous learning for the entrepreneurial mindset in all walks of life

Each stage is a semester-long experience, though schools can vary this based on desire. Each stage is fully developed from a curricular side, and teachers who work with Seed Tree Group are given training on how to most effectively use the curriculum with students as both a classroom teacher and business mentor.

One of the biggest benefits of working with Seed Tree Group is the monthly mastermind—entrepreneurship teachers and program directors gather once a month to share best practices around key topics for program growth. This vibrant community provides support and inspiration at every level of program development.

If you’re wanting to jump into entrepreneurship with your school and would prefer to streamline the process and create success within the first year, it’s time to reach out and connect.

Let’s Go!


Entrepreneurship students focusing on customers and revenue through packaging fresh lettuce

Are you Listening?

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❝ Imagine your culture infused with growth mindset, grit, redefining failure, and opportunity seeking. Imagine your team acting and thinking like entrepreneurs.
Stephen Carter
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