We help private schools launch an impactful & effective entrepreneurship program

We provide the training, resources, and support to launch a tried and tested program that teaches the entrepreneurial mindset in a meaningful way by engaging students and preparing them for the future - complete with a student-run business on your campus.

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Launching an entrepreneurship program is daunting - when you do it alone.

Maybe you’ve tried to launch an entrepreneurial program before, or maybe your school invested thousands of dollars in a “makerspace” that is now nothing more than unused eye-candy.

The truth is, a lot of so-called “entrepreneurial programs” these days are basic and do not actively engage the students. 

They end up becoming a headache for one of the teachers to deal with, rather than a point of pride for the school.

We get it. And we knew there was a better way.

So we created a tried and tested entrepreneurship program that is impact-driven, stable, and is positively changing the lives of students, teachers, and entire schools throughout the country.

We get it, and we’re here to help!
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With abundant school options available, standing out as the preferred choice can be difficult

Parents are looking for a school that will provide lasting impact for their children. They are increasingly interested in their children developing skills and traits that will help them outside of academia, and the traditional classroom setting isn’t filling those gaps.

What we’re seeing is an epidemic of students becoming great test-takers, but also leaving school with:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Only developing book smarts
  • Fear of failureSilo-mentality
  • Unprepared for the workforce
  • Scarcity mindset
We get it, and we’re here to help!

Launch an Effective Entrepreneurship Program in your Private School

Join the other private schools in the nation who have successfully implemented and launched our entrepreneurship program.

What this means:

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For Students

This hands-on program provides students with confidence, collaboration, and other real-world skills & traits that will prepare them beyond the classroom.

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For Teachers

Professional and self-development, and the opportunity to participate in meaningful student engagement and growth.

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For Heads of School & Admissions

Show parents the engaged students running the on-campus business (just wait for the look on their faces when you show them).

Experience the Transformation

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Students in a coffee shop
Includes training, resources, and support
Tried and Tested 
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Instill the Entrepreneurial Mindset


For each student that participates in the program, our goal is to instill the Entrepreneurial Mindset which is comprised of the following four attributes:

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Growth Mindset

Understand and implement a growth mindset connected to one’s personal mission, vision, and core values.



Develop goal-setting skills that combine passion and perseverance so that resilience becomes a by-product of achievement.


Redefine Failure

Understand that true failure is not trying in the first place and that to succeed we must be biased for action.


Opportunity Seeking

Realize that problems are opportunities in disguise and that success is directly connected to problem solving and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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Message quote

“Teaching entrepreneurship within the school setting is exciting for students as they are already thinking creatively and offers a space for them to channel their ideas. But the greater gain is teaching the entrepreneurial mindset. It is foundational to a student’s success and easily transferable from operating a new business venture to their daily coursework and social interactions.

This program is invaluable for our students and perfectly aligns to our school’s mission of developing a student’s character, intellect, and potential to explore, create, challenge and lead.”

Teresa Chambers

Head of School, First Baptist Academy of Houston

Seed Tree Group client, launched the “SWAP Shop” in 2024

Our Services

Entrepreneurship Program
The Entrepreneurship Program for Private Schools

A one-year commitment complete with extensive training, resources, and ongoing support for the director/lead teacher in order to successfully launch a new program complete with a student-run business.

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Monthly 1:1 Call
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Group Chat
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Resources and Support
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Monthly Training Workshops
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Book a Discovery Call
Professional Development
Onsite Professional Development for Teachers

Engaging and meaningful professional development for administrators and teachers to implement the entrepreneurial mindset in practical ways at every level of learning and across all disciplines. Available as one or two-day option with extensive training and resources provided.

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How We Do It

We’ve created a system that ensures an effective program launch and continual vitality.

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Book a Discovery Call

We’ll jump on a 30 minute call to see if this program is a fit at your school.

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We’ll Create a Plan

You’ll receive a proposal laying out the one-year plan to implement, launch, and grow the program at your school.

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Implement and Launch

Once you accept the proposal, the fun begins. We will connect with the impact player at your school who will be running the program and we kick off the big picture planning and training.

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Message quote

“I can’t tell you how great it’s been to have you supporting this growth right now. You’ve given me some of the key pieces that have helped me motivate my students to run this business well and to cast the vision. It’s been amazing.

“There’re so many things I would have had to wrestle with a lot more without having you say ‘hey, here’s what I’ve learned’ so it’s been really helpful.
Thank you.”

Kevin Van Harn

Grand Rapids Christian School

Seed Tree Group client, launched a vending machine business in 2023

Why Work with Seed Tree Group?

We understand that launching an entrepreneurship program is exciting but also somewhat daunting.

You are running school, and that is no small task. The idea of launching, managing, training, and seeing an entrepreneurial program through to success can be too much. But, you also recognize the importance of programs that instill an Entrepreneurial Mindset in your students.

That’s why we created a system that doesn’t overwhelm or rely on the head of school/administrative staff. Our system has been successfully implemented in private schools across the U.S. and we would like to do the same for you.

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Impact Your Students

Message quote
“The entrepreneurship program challenged me to intertwine creativity and logic to design a dream that was realistic yet impactful. I still find myself tapping regularly into the research, critical thinking, and management skills gained from this experience.”
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class of ‘21

“The entrepreneurship program taught me more than business; it taught me to fail more, put first things first, be proactive, and embrace grit. More importantly, I learned that habits are life’s foundation. Little actions yield intangible results. These lessons prepared me and continue to prepare me as I take my next steps in life.”
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class of ‘23

Launch a high-impact entrepreneurship program at your private school

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